An Introduction to Garments of Justice at Christ City Church

It’s been growing- our concern for the poor and the marginalized, for justice, for righteousness and shalom. We are seeing God’s heart for all people and his compassion for those the world has neglected or used up. Each soul enlightened and compassion awakened is like a drop of water into a dry riverbed. I am praying that as these droplets collect they will form a movement rolling down like waters, like an ever-flowing stream.

This awareness has caused some of us to begin to ask serious questions about the things we buy. We are starting to realize that our cheap clothing is directly the result of employing the poor and the powerless to work for miniscule wages, in unsafe working conditions and with little semblance of human dignity. Almost every American department store does this from Urban Outfitters to Target to Gap to Macy’s and Wal-Mart, etc. These companies know they can’t make the gross profits they currently enjoy by employing people in the states because we have laws and unions protecting us from the working conditions seen overseas. So they go elsewhere to find places with weak labor laws or that are desperate for economic growth that will look the other way toward these issues of justice and righteousness.

What can we do to lift the burdens of the oppressed and the poor and show we are not at peace with these decisions? Well a lot as it turns out. It won’t even cost us that much. Check out the quote below and prayerfully consider your part in the movement-

“If every American made just ONE Fair Trade purchase a year, it would lift ONE Million families out of poverty.“ -

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