New categories for ethical clothes makes holiday shopping easier!

Check out the new list below that contains over 100 websites categorized by type of product for you justice filled holiday gifts! Below you will find a wonderful selection of ethical products in these categories-

Clothing for Women Men and Children, Underwear/Socks, Shoes, Indigenous Clothing, Handbags and Accessories, Jewelry, Bath & Body (Lotions, Soaps, Shampoo, Etc.), Handmade Gifts/Art, Kitchen Items, Home Textiles/Decor (Rugs), Toys/Stuffed Animals

The vast majority of these businesses are the highest ethical certification-fair trade federation.The logo will be found on the website and looks like this -











 Indigenous Clothing

Handbags and Accessories




Bath & Body (Lotions, Soaps, Shampoo, Etc.)


Handmade Gifts/Art


Kitchen Items


 Home Textiles/Decor (Rugs)


 Toys/Stuffed Animals


Where to Shop for Garments of Justice

Let justice be woven into the very fibers of your soul… or at least the fibers of your clothing. –Me


Richard Foster…”Reject anything that breeds the oppression of others.”


Here’s a list of clothing companies that strive for high ethics and concern for workers rights to get you started on your new socially conscious clothing journey.

Preface- I have done some research on these companies but if you find any of them to be less than upstanding please let me know so I can take it off the list. - great website I just found that has links to several fair-trade clothing certified sites including but not limited to clothing - carries many american made brands and fair-trade certified brands such as has many stores all on one website (blu democracy) - A list of Fair Trade Federation list of members- This seems to be the highest and most effectively monitored brand that requires very clear and high standards for their products. 

Shalom ya'll